Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Lately, I've spent some quality time on my butt in this place:

I've gone through 4 novels, a lot of Girl Guide Cookies and been to the movies a few times. I road my bike on the trainer once, because my husband made me. All and all, it was awesome and my body appreciated the time off. The weather has been crap as well so my timing could not have been better. Snow, grey-ish, cold and rainy has been common, so I was happy to sit in my happy place and relax.
But here's the good news! After 18 days on my butt, I laced up the shoes and went for a run. It was time. I missed the trails. I went for 30 minutes on Friday to work out the cobwebs, went for 45 minutes on Saturday and felt great and then went for an hour and a half on Sunday. Oh yeah. I'm ruuuuuuuuuning!
The scenery hasn't changed. It's still real pretty in my backyard, but somehow I missed fall and winter is coming quick! Mike joined me on Sunday and we cruised the Spray River Trail.
I've also enjoyed the company of this guy in the backyard the past couple of mornings. He's been fun to have around until he found the leaves of our new mountain ash, so Keith has now declared him the enemy. They had a stare down this morning and Keith took his picture. Good thing we have a fence.

"I Want Some Girl Guide Cookies NOOOOOW!!"


Backofpack said...

Your little friend looks kind of mean and scary. I'd give him the cookies!

Danni said...

I have your shoes. So you can run mroe :-)

Meghan said...

Keith shouldn't kid himself, it's the rut. Mr. Mittens is not in search of cookies, more like balls he wants to kill. Watch out and enjoy the rut (Actually, is it over there now?) :)

Yeah for running!

Paige said...

Welcome back to running! You're so lucky to have all that awesomeness right out your back door, so cool!

Leslie's Keith said...

Oh Meghan...Safety First! Yes, it's still Rut season here...and the picture was taken with my zoom...from the safety of my back door frame. Mittens may be a 'pet name'...but he's not fooling anyone. He is, in fact, a BULL!

Leslie said...

Hi y'all!
Michelle and Megs-
Heck yeah, doens't the Elk look totally agro?! But I LOVE the expression on his face...

Hi Danni-
Yay for new shoes!!

Hey Paige,
I love my backyard. It is incredibly awesome.

Don't go giving him "hugs" or anything!

Deanna Stoppler said...

18 days? Holy horse shit! Glad you enjoyed your time off (what's the point if you can't enjoy it) and am super stoked for you to be running again. I always tell Dave how much I love running and I think the main thing about it is that I feel like a kid when I run. Maybe that's why it's so hard not to run!

Nicola Gildersleeve said...

Were they the mint girlguide cookies or the old school vanilla and chocolate with their respective yummy creamy center??

Almost forgot...way to get back out running...:)!!!!

Leslie said...

Hi D! I enjoyed my time off. It was perfect! But I'm already itching to get back at it....

Hi Nicola! They were the mint ones. I miss the old Girl Guide cookies, but I had to make due with a few boxes of minty goodness....let's just say it's a good thing I'm back running! I'm excited for you to go tear it up at Mountain Masochist. Go kill it!

Paul Charteris said...
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Paul Charteris said...

Who would name a Bull Elk Mittens!! i mean honestly, a guys got to spend all fall roaring his head off, battling other guys, scraping velvet off his antlers and stinking like 300lb of pure testosterone just to get female to even look at him. And then he gets a name like Mittens. This could ruin his chances forever :-)

Great photos too - no snow yet??

Cheers, Paul

Leslie said...

Rhymes with.....KITTENS!