Thursday, May 21, 2009

Western States Camp and other Fun Stuff

Last year, when I was running at Diablo and Miwok, I met a lot of nice ultra-running folks from California. Now probably, because these events were in April and May the topic of conversation kept coming back to one question:

Are you going to Camp?

Of course, I had know idea what they were talking about and I was then filled in on a little something-something that happens every long weekend on the Memorial Day weekend. It's Western States Camp, a weekend gathering of ultra runners who gather to camp, socialize, run and train on the famous Western States Course. Sign me up.

So yes, I'm going to Camp!

This weekend: Western States Camp
Next weekend: Blackfoot Ultra
Weekend after that: weekend in Jasper including Banff-Jasper Relay.

I'm excited. Fun. Stuff. Happening. Let's. Go.


Journey to a Centum said...

WS Camp is a blast! You are really really really going to enjoy it! Watch out for the poison oak! Buy some tecnu wash and use it after your runs. You can find it at the local grocery stores.

Gary Robbins said...

Ahh, I SO WANTED to make it down for that...gonna do a local AR instead, but will be thinking of you guys throughout the weekend!

Danni said...


Gretchen said...

Oh I had no idea you were going to be there, how awesome! It's looking to be a fun, social weekend. I'll be working Deadwood aid station on Sat., so be sure to say hi!

Jenny Stinson said...

Hi Leslie,
I will be at the Blackfoot Ultra also on May 30. Your race report from last year was extremely helpful to me as I get my head around my first 100K.

I'm coming from Boise, Idaho. My husband Mark will be the volunteer timer for the 5am - 9am shift.

Would love to meet up with you at the Blackfoot.

Hone said...

Damn girl you sure live life to the fullest. Everytime I check out your blog you are doing something amazing.

Hope you had/having a fun safe weekend.

Runner11 said...


Great to meet you at "Camp" this weekend and hang out with you and Dani saturday evening.
Just checked out some of your blog! Man, makes we want to go north again so bad!!! Hope you had an awesome time at Camp this weekend. Anytime you want to run the trails around here, or just need a place to crash, you are welcome. My email is:
Take care,
Jack Meyer

CoyoteGirl said...

Awwww. I wish I could've gone! I hope that you had a good time! I was nearby in the mountains with the family.

Olga said...

Are you running WS?

Leslie said...

Hi y'all. I just got back from camp and let me tell was sooooo much fun! Thanks for the good thoughts! It was great to see Gretchen and to meet Jack as well as a whole bunch of other folks who REALLY made my weekend a special one. Lots of quality time with Danni and a quickie visit with Meghan. I should have a report up ASAP.

Hi Olga! No States for me, but I am a sucker for a few days of socializing, running and hanging out with like minded ultra geeks. It was sweeeet.

Leslie said...

Hi Jenny from Boise!

We'll see you out there this weekend. Good luck and have fun!