Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spot the Difference!!

Hello friends, I want you to join in a with me for a little game that I like to call "Spot the Difference!"

Exhibit A - A Run to Lake Agnes, 3 weekends ago:

Exhibit B - A Run to Lake Agnes, yesterday:

Can you spot the differences? How many differences YOU can find in the two pictures??


Leslie's Keith said...

Uhhh...Picture A is in Color, Picture B in Black/White??


holly said...

Oh my - how sad - yet exciting all at the same time! The summer went so fast. But I already booked off the summer solstice next year for more Yoho fun :)

Your hubby is so clever.

Danni said...


We have no snow yet. I am sad. I can't wait for snow!!!

CoyoteGirl said...

Ahahaha! Funny girl you are!

Both gorgeous views...just different. I feel the change of seasons, even here where we don't get snow. I'm seriously getting that cocooning instinct going right now...just want to stay in my jammies and cook.

Stuart said...

Woot...nearly ski season!