Saturday, May 10, 2008


Well, the Snow-A-Saurus came to town and dropped off another foot of snow in his evil wake.

Fortunately, the sun came out shortly after and started melting it rather quickly, leaving big messy puddles and a whole lot of flowing water in the streets of Banff. It was definitely a powder day up at Sunshine Village, the local ski hill, which is still open for another couple of weeks! I thought about skiing, but decided I was feeling to fragile and if ever an accident was going to happen, it would be to Leslie-on-her-skis-the-week-after-100k.

Phew. There's a run on sentence for y'all.

The pictures don't actually show how much snow fell, but it was snowed for almost 24 hours non-stop. Big wet spring flakes - I wasn't exactly thrilled to see it, but it sure was pretty yesterday morning!

Bwa-ha-haa! This town is mine!!
Town of Banff at my feet....Sitting on top of Tunnel Mountain in the Snow

Big Chunk of Rock

I have had a great "recovery" week - my honey surprised me at the airport on Monday (love you Keith) and cooked me up a tasty feast on Monday night. I worked Tue-Wed-Thursday and didn't do any activity at all. I do stand on my feet all day at work though - and I was feeling surprisingly good. I had one trip to the chiropractor. But I have had no significant discomfort and no ibuprofen required!

I have enjoyed more than a few reward beers, chocolate and ice cream this week. The interesting thing is that these things haven't been part of my diet for quite some time and while they tasted good, I felt crappy afterwards. It is true, you are what you eat! When you eat crap, you feel like crap. So back to yummy whole foods and fresh things.

Me and Mount Rundle

By Friday, I was ready to move my body, but there was a foot of snow on the ground. So, I took my poles, put on my gators and opted for a very gentle walk up Tunnel Mountain. No running, just strolling. O.K, I might have bust out the run on the descent, but I took it easy. I was feeling surprisingly fragile. After that, I went to the gym and put myself through some gentle motions and core work. I have a new goal in mind and that is to go to the gym all summer and build on the progress I have been making keeping my core and back strong. Historically, I never venture in to the gym in summer - because it is inside and you know, why would anyone want to go inside in summer?? As long as I keep my workout time to under an hour, I think I can wrap my brain around one hour inside.

Random thought - I am always amazed and bewildered at the people training inside, at the gym, on beautiful days. On cardio equipment. In the town of Banff. I had the "pleasure" of spending a lot of time at the gym exactly 2 years ago while I was doing rehab for a reconstructed ACL. The moment to docs gave me the go ahead to go outside and play, there was no looking back! Gym-be-gone! I am so outside!

Anyhow, I appear to be rambling about nothing - but in theory I have done nothing this week, so you get to hear about it!!

Next up this weekend: Mother's Day - Judy is coming to visit!

Next weekend: Sugoi Dirt Girl's Camp aka. getting my assed kicked on a mountain bike

Weekend after: Blackfoot 50k, but only if I feel recovered.

Enjoy your weekend!


King Arthur said...

Truly a beautiful place to live, with or without snow, you’re so lucky. You could sell those pictures.

Leslie said...

The funny things is - all you've got to do is point and shoot! I'm a complete hack with a camera, but the scenery is real good.

Deanna Stoppler said...

Way to recover sister. I hear you on the gym--I can't stand to be inside working out either! I finally got my co-worker to run his mile on the trail at our work, rather than on the treadmill. I consider it a success.

Keep up the great rest and relaxation (it's so hard isn't it!)

holly said...

Yay for Leslie! I am glad to hear your recovery is coming along well.

By the way, I am so jealous that you get to go to Blackfoot next weekend - I wish I was able to get in on the 25k for sure.

Mrs. Lopes

Meghan said...

Ohnoes not snow! Same here, same here! I woke up to 3 inches, but it melted by noon. So crazy, it's May 12th. Reeeediculous if you ask me.

Wowie, you're jumping right back into things, aren't you? You animal, you!


PS. Agreed, photos are spectacular!

Anonymous said...

great to hear that the recovery goes well!
I AM PROUD that you made it! :)

Sorry for my lack of communication in the last little while....but i have LOADS of new for you guys!

I AM MOVING BACK HOME!!! Yayyyy finally after more than 2 years away!
Oh and i am sure you don't want to hear it - but we have 27 degrees right now. And i spend all day on the boat wakeboarding this weekend!!

Have fun at the dirt camp! :)

Leslie said...

Hello Anna, Meghan, Holly and Deanna!!

My husband has stolen my computer and I am lost without it! It's my T.V - who knew I would enjoy blogging and sharing and perving on other peoples lives so much??

Hope y'all are having a great week and I'll put up a "week in review" post! The forecast is awesome for the weekend, we shall see if it happpens!


Deanna Stoppler said...

Hey Leslie,

You should check out, it's like the facebook for athletes. It's new.

CoyoteGirl said...

Oh man, it looks just beautiful up there. I know you're sick of the snow...but it's gorgeous!

What a place to live!