Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Skoki Lodge

This is the look of a happy girl!

That is what a few days in the backcountry will do for you....make you silly and happy! I love stomping around in the forest and the for my 39th birthday Keith and I decided to head to Skoki Lodge. Ever heard of Skoki Lodge?

It is small historic lodge located in the backcountry of the Lake Louise area. What makes it special is its jaw dropping scenery and that it is only accessible by foot: you go in by a 11km ski in winter or hike in summer. I thought it would be a great place to spend my birthday and enjoy 4 days of ski touring and it was. You can only run so much in winter! The ski in is challenging for most and exceptionally beautiful. You spend a little time in the forest gradually climbing and then cresting the first pass where the views open up. Then you cross a frozen lake and climb up another pass to begin a fun descent into the Skoki area. I was generating so much heat working my way up the pass, I didn't need my toque!

The view on Deception Pass is what greets you as you work you way towards the lodge.....a little work for a lot of reward:

Arriving at the lodge.....Helllllooooooo Skoki! Keith in action earning his lunch!

At the lodge, things are pretty simple yet quite luxurious. There is no running water and limited electricity! A very pioneer ambience. Let me give you a visual: a group of happy exhausted skiiers gathered around a big wood table, a feast on the table, a cozy log cabin lit by candles and oil lamps, a wood fire roaring in the fire place. Sounds good, doesn't it? That's Skoki.

We were lucky to get exceptional weather, warm temperatures and clear skies. The first day we skiied in, the second day we made some turns, the 3rd day we went on an awesome long tour - a circumnavigation of the very beautiful Fossil Mountain - and day 4 we skiied out. In between we were treated to some fantastic meals, met some great people and were treated to some genuine hospitality by Katie the lodge manager and her crew.

Skoki worked its magic: I enjoyed some good times with Keith, got some great exercise in a beautiful place, ate like a queen and left feeling rejuvenated, happy, inspired and motivated! That's the power of beautiful mountain places.


Skokilodge said...

Awesome Post, great Pics and super glad to hear that you had an awesome Skoki experience! If you haven't already, please stop by our facebook site and post an entry...I've already linked to your great blog!

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