Monday, December 10, 2007

Trail Running Banff Style

I love to run. It sure is challenging in Banff to be a runner in winter. Especially a trail runner!! So in winter, I do less running and more of the winter sports skiing and snowshoeing. But a girl has to run.....and there are always trails to be found. Sulphur Mountain is one of my favorite winter trail runs. It is one of the few trails that gets enough foot traffic to pack the snow down.

My Dirty Girl Gaitors and my Yaktrax.....are my secret weapons to conquer the snowy trail!
I can go directly out my back door and enjoy a nice 20 minute uphill run through the woods which will get me to the trailhead. From there it is 5.5 km on trail to the top of the mountain with an elevation gain of 655m. How's that for a run?!?

The fun part is coming's a huge descent, but loads of fun. I had a great run on Sunday all the way up and back down for a few hours of good times.

This is one of the views from the can see my neighborhood!! Cascade Mountain towers over the town of Banff....I get to look at it every day out my front window.
Isn't it pretty??

Shortly before the summit, I ran into the only two other people silly enough to be out trail running buddies Steve and Brenda. So they snapped a few pics of me at the top!

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