Saturday, December 13, 2014

Life is One Big Adventure

Adventure - it's always been my favorite word.

Exciting and unusual experiences! Outcomes unknown! New Trails!!  New places!  New people!  Life!  It's always one giant question mark. Isn't life the biggest adventure of all?!?

My adventures and life are rolling by at warp speed, in a good way.  Keith and I, we're live-ers.  Do-ers. Lovers of Life.  It's always been this way.

Our PCT adventure was Grand.  Keith and I didn't kill each other, had a fabulous time, made new friends, walked ridiculous miles and ate huge amounts of food.

My big Summer adventure involved some quality time with my mom and some adventures with her. Of course, there were also some amazing local adventures in my beautiful backyard.  Big or small, any adventure is a good adventure!

Our fall adventure involved a trip to Vermont, a failed attempt on the Long Trail, and a 5,000km bonus trip to New Mexico.  Our somewhat spontaneous roadtrip was over 12,000km's in total!!!  My ass is growing just thinking about that trip.

 Highest Point in Texas!

 Fall Colors in Vermont

 White Sands, New Mexico

The next adventure on the horizon is a Work Adventure in a beautiful place.  I'll be working in the Cariboo Mountains for the next 4 and a half months at a high-end Heli-Ski Lodge.  Keith's been working there for a couple of years and adores the place and the people.  So, it's time for me to join in the fun.  Why not clean rooms at age 45?  I'm hopeful there will be plenty of time for adventure.  And skiing.  And food.  And good people.



Mary said...

I admire how you aren't mired in the career track (sigh. But I'm older than you and I see the light at the end of the tunnel). Looking forward to seeing pictures of the mountains!

Jamie said...

Just found your blog! Your adventures look amazing, can't wait to hear more about them! :)

MtUnpaved said...

I miss your posts what the heck are you up to now a days?

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Joshua Hunter Davis said...

Leslie, I'm pretty sure I met you as "Tour Guide" while I was hiking the CT and you the CDT. You caught up to me trying to race a storm on the way to Kokomo Pass (I believe), it was like a scene from Princess Bride. Anyway, I read an article about you recently and they included the picture I took of you while we were both up there. It was sooo cool to see that pop three years later and the very same day I was about to fly out west to start the CDT myself! I wish you all the best.
Josh aka Early Bird

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