Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I love the New Year. It puts me in a contemplative state-of-mind and makes me hyper aware of the passing of time and of good things to come. It makes me think that now is the time to live my life, because every moment counts. Time is precious and we've got a limited supply.

On that note, having recently arrived home from a 3 month holiday - we're enjoying re-connecting with our town, our family, our friends and nature. It's good to be back. Traveling has taught as a few things, but one of them is to simply enjoy being present in the moment. So, this New Year's weekend as well as getting out for a few adventures I took the time to just enjoy the view and appreciate. Relaxing is just as important as Running. Sometimes, it's the best way to enjoy that limited supply of time you have. But whether you are relaxing or running, it comes back to making all of those moments count.

It's your life to live, it sure would be a shame to not enjoy it! So, if you have any big hairy audacious goals - put them on your list and start planning. Time's a ticking.

Happy New Year!

Easter in Skoki with Iris and Nicki
Summer Fun at Mount Assiniboine

February Ski with Monica, Keith and Nicki


Moogy said...

Happy New Year Leslie...

Leslie said...

Hi Moogy! I'm glad to see someone's still reading my "not-so-profound" and simplistic thoughts! :)

Moogy said... are my ambassador of "Liberate your inner awesomeness"!

Hope to make it out to y'alls area soon for some running, adventures.

Olga said...

What do you mean "someone"?? Everyone is! People just stopped commenting. Happy New Adventures! More butt (and boobs) demanded for readership. How does late August sounds for Bunff? Heck, may be ski trip in November?

Leslie said...

Hi Olga! My mother is traumatized enough with the appearance of my butt on the internet. Boobies might be pushing it. :) Late August is PERFECT. If you are remotely serious about coming to visit, Keith and I would love it. It's the best time of year to trail run - no snow in the high country. You'd stay at the house naturally! Drop us a note:

Helen said...

Great to see you back Leslie! I was about to give up on you, but then realised I had to click on 2012 to find this post. Have fun.

Leslie said...

Hi Helen! It sure was great to meet you in your own backyard in Australia. Your home and it's location are fabulous. I'll be thinking of you sitting on the back deck enjoying a shady moment as the days heat up for you!! Here, above average temperatures and a mild winter since arriving home - makes it a little easier to deal with. :)

Barry said...

Right back atcha! Happy New Year and welcome home to a typical Alberta winter with warm spells. Check out the penstock off Lower Kanansskis Lake Dam. Amazing this year. And it is being replaced. Construction underway so it may be last chance for the old, leaky, wooden pipe. Much like myself, now that I think of it ;-)