Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to have Fun When It's -30 below

People get Cabin Fever when the weather turns cold.  When the Ice Man Cometh, people tend to hibernate and hide indoors.  We, however, are not regular folks.  With the blustery forecast, we decided to modify our plans and do something quite civilized.

We went skiing. 

Regular downhill resort skiing is downright cold.  With the lifts, the speed and the wind chill, downhill skiing at this temperature is not fun.  But ski touring?!?  Awesome.  We started with a sheltered ski up the old ski out, and headed to the Sunshine Mountain Lodge for lunch.  It was so cold, we hammered up and set a blistering speed - arriving at the lodge in a speedy 1h and 15 minutes!  By the time we got there, we were generating some serious heat!  I was a sweaty, hot steaming girl, despite the cold.  Not good when it's -30c.  Fortunately, we headed for the our favorite fire place at the Chimney Corner Lounge for a long lunch, which was enough to dry our base layers.  It was also long enough to have a drink, have a laugh with Monica, Nicki and Keith and ponder dessert and a nap, amongst other things.

By the time we were done lounging, the temperatures had warmed to a almost tropical -25c!!  The consensus in the group was, "Hell yeah, Let's go for a ski tour!" so off we went.

I'm so glad we did. Everyone was buzzing with good energy, big smiles and awe. It was just so gorgeous we were giddy.  Sometimes, you just never know when you're going to get such a perfect, beautiful mountain day. 


My Shadow

My Keith

My Backyard

Sunshine Meadows

Mount Assiniboine

Wind Drift

More Magic Snow

It's All About F-U-N!!

D-oh.  A deer.


Leslie's Keith said... really look like that in our 'yard'...

Kaz said...

So funny that you're having such cold weather while we are having some spring time warm weather! All good for hitting the hills especially when nanna babysits and lets hubby and I get out!
What a cracking day you had!
Love the image of you all coming in sweaty while everyone else must have come in with teeth chattering!

slowrunner said...

but not a female deer . . .

Gretchen said...

ski touring = awesome! Looks like great fun. Woo hoo!!

Leslie said...

Hi Leslie's Keith,
You and I sure are lucky people. And I like to think we know a thing or too about living life!

Hiya Kaz! You forget - it's winter here until May! We sure did have a cracking day. Good to hear you are getting out a bit more.

Hi Kendra!
She's on the "red wine" training program.

Hi Gretchen! Love winter, and love the touring. But in March, I'm craving some snow-free trails. Do you know where I can find some? Pleeeeease?! Me Need Some Now!!


Bruce Grant said...

N-ice!!! :-)

Leslie said...

Thanks Bruce-y!! Now get your act in gear and give us a new blog entry. I need to see some muddy fern covered trails and smell the ocean air....

Danni said...

Fun! I know Keith is visiting soon but I might bring Amber up for a visit this month too??? When you guys around?

MtUnpaved said...

Shouldn't that be "E" an Elk a Little Bull Elk? Ha! Great pictures & looks like a great time but I'm really ready for spring.