Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Trio of Skoki Delights - A Videoblog

Skoki Lodge is one of those fantasy places that people dream of when they think of the Canadian Rockies in Winter.  A snowy backcountry oasis, featuring a historic cabin in the woods, buried in snow, a fire on the hearth, a warm welcoming and food on the table.  It truly is my idea of winter paradise.  If you haven't already been, you need to make a trip and book yourself a stay at Skoki Lodge.  The hospitality is fantastic, the food is divine, the ambience is amazing and the scenery is simply unbelievable.  It's a Mountain Lover's Wet Dream.

On this particular day, we were pretty excited when we woke up to discover a foot of snow on the ground in our driveway in Banff.  It made for a sketchy drive on the highway to Lake Louise, but the reward was a beautiful wintery landscape of white and grey with pantloads of bottomless powder.  Our ski-in to the lodge was much harder than usual, as we were breaking trail the entire way. No worries, we are Powderhounds - and this is what we do for fun. We even managed to sneak in 4 glorious descents before skiing in and collapsing in content bliss at the lodge.


The crazy winter weather just kept on Givn'r all weekend long,with more snow and wind turning our world into a swirling, stormy, white Oasis.  There were a few Moments of Clarity - and lots of moments of Fun!


Our day skiing in and around the lodge was highlighted with a nice little ski tour, a few great runs, one small avalanche and with my Eagle Eye - a great wildlife sighting.



Lindsay said...

That is just beautiful! A nice slice of winter heaven.:)

JeffO said...

I love ptarmigan! They're so dumb and you can walk right up to them and they think if they hold still, you can't see them. Nice - dinner!
Wow, Skoki lodge is buried way back up in the valleys! Beautiful!

Meghan said...

The ptarmigans are sooooo cute! The way they came out from behind the bush was like the way clowns fold out of a car. They kept coming. Eagle eye!

Leslie said...

Hi Lindsay! I was just gigging thinking about you Skijoring with your Danes and coming overa place like Deception Pass....

Yo JeffO! It's the grouse and the partridges that always scare me in summer time. Though I did happen across some Ptarmigan mid-color-change this summer. I almost stepped on them and then the babies divided and RAN...I felt bad to 'cause the Momma so much grief!

Megs! I thought of you when I saw them and was giggling away. I knew you'd appreciate!

Danni said...

Poor Ptarmigans. Being harassed by powder hounds :p

Leslie said...

Powderhounds LOVE Ptarmigans!
....and FULL MOONS!!

Brian said...

You need to get paid as a PR person for all of these wonderful places. At least a free bowl of soup!