Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time Crunch

I'm trying to squeeze it all in. Fact is, I'm short on time this summer. With the Trans Rockies run coming fast and furious and the Tor des Geants in September - there seems to be too much to do and not enough time to do it. So, I'm squeezing in as many runs as I can in my beautiful backyard - but I wish their was more time. Summer's short and there's way to much to see and do. Too many trails and not enough time!!

Because of this, this past weekend I came up with a plan. Friday, it was "Yoho in a Day". Saturday, it was a bike and hike up the Ottertail fire road to Goodsir Pass and Sunday it was "Skoki in a Day." Like I said, I'm trying to squeeze it all in!

Here's the pictures from Sundays adventure: "Skoki in a Day."

We did Boulder Pass, Packer's Pass, Skoki Lakes, Merlin Lake, visited the friends at the lodge for treats and back home via Packer's Pass. There was a plan to scramble up Skoki Mountain, but I was feelin' lazy - so I'll put that one in my back pocket for another day. Ed, Jen and Catherine joined and we had a leisurely, enjoyable, lazy day. Ed and Jen are heading to Trans Rockies as a Mixed Team, and they are beyond excited. It was also Ed's Anniversary of a horrific military accident he had 11 years ago, where he was told he'd never be able to bike/ski/run or play in the mountains. Hmmm. In this photo, he seems to be doing pretty good.


A Calm Ptarmigan Lake greeted us.

Rock-hopping Jen

What Love Looks Like

If I ever get lost in the wilderness, they'll find me.

Ed ponders a Swim.

Catherine - she's Queen of the World!!

Winter Lives.

Redoubt Mountain

It was another beautiful day at Skoki, it's always fun to share one of my favorite places. Hopefully, I can make a return trip in late September, when I return from Italy. I'm planning on it!


Deanna Stoppler said...

Ptarmagin Lake is so awesome! Keep squeezing girl.

Helen said...

Ed - you are awesome and an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

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