Sunday, July 25, 2010

Salami and Cheese

I've got another High Alpine Hangover. Jeeeezus. This running thing sure can take me to some amazing places. This weekend I hit the Icefields Parkway for some high alpine trail running on Wilcox Pass, the Brazeau Loop in a Day and up Helen Ridge. Whoa. Get me some salami, cheese and toblerone 'cause this girl is hungry!


HappyTrails said...

BEAUTIFUL! And YUM on the salami, cheese, and toblerone. Sure beats gels and bloks!

Danni said...

Pretty! Keith made a movie for you on our hike yesterday. I haven't actually seen it.

Leslie's Keith said...

Danni...I will download our video after I recover from the drive home...and send it to you...I'm sure it's WAY better than this one ;)

Thanks for a great alterna-mountain adventure in Glacier!


Jill Homer said...

Stellar view! I was really hoping the salami and cheese would show up in the video.

Congrats on your fantastically ambitious weekend!

Leslie said...

I'm all over the REAL food. Really, it's all training for Italy. I think I'm going to up my consumption of white bread as well, to go with the salty meat and cheese. All in the name of training for Italy. Ciao!!

Why Hello Danni, Keith and Jill. I'm most envious I missed the Love-In this weekend. I'm thrilled y'all got along famously. Have fun this weekend and sorry I can't join on volunteer duty!