Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Fling Continues...

The Spring Fling continues.....

It was my first road ride of the season on Thursday night and it was a perfect evening for a ride. Cycling in April is usually a toe-numbing-blue-lipped-wind-chilling-experience. Instead, I got sunshine, warm evening temperatures, great views and big ol' Bighorns. What a great night, as you can tell by my chitter-chatter I was a happy, silly girl.

I *heart* my bike.

Grand-daddy Bighorn



HappyTrails said...

Awesome! Bike love is good!

Gretchen said...

Oh bighorns! How cool!
We had some spring teaser days, but it's back to snow storms for the moment. *sigh*
Glad you're lovin' it while you got it!

Danni said...

Wow nice! I know it's spring because I had a dream last night about being chased by a bear.

Please repond to my email btw because if you want help I have an idea for going and helping without you having to pick me up. Baby.

Leslie said...

I love my bike!
...and Bighorns!
...and dreams about bears!