Friday, November 27, 2009

Ski! Ski! Ski!

The Banff and Lake Louise area has had a *fantastic* start to the ski season and that means that we are keen to be getting out. Last weekend we made it out for a tour off of the Icefields Parkway and couldn't believe how much snow has fallen! It's like mid-February out there, there's pantloads of snow already. The good news is it's been relatively snow-free in Banff, but it's snowing in them thar' hills. It even rained yesterday in town, but judging by my experience today, it snowed lots of dry and fluffy snow at the higher elevations. Woohoo! I headed out for a solo-tour, basically just stomping around Sunshine Meadows and climbing a few mellow hills for some green run powder turns. Safety first and all. The snow was perfect. The downside of skiing solo is that you have to break trail for 4 hours! It's a good thing I like breaking trail. I got some serious exercise and was out there for 4 hours with a big smile on my face. For a grand-finalee, I stomped up the biggest hill of the day and finished my day just in time for sunset on Standish Mountain. It's a big, white world out there.



Isle Dance said...

SO beaUtiful! You live in one of my favorite places, ever. Thanks so much for sharing its amazement.

Danni said...

Very nice!!! I think I'm going to attept my first time out today. (On the ski hill, which opens next weekend here).

Leslie's Keith said... didn't 'point' once in the entire video...what's up with that??

JeffO said...

Awesome! We don't have anything like that much snow down here. The only skiing is in places where they have the fake-snow machines blowing.
Unfortunately, YouTube is broken, so I can't watch videos for a while. Maybe that's a sign that I need to be outside enjoying the warm weather? First things first - COFFEEEEEE!!!

Gretchen said...

Sweeeeet!! We are off for our first ski of the season right now. Totally pitiful runs on fake snow, but ya know, you gotta work with what you got! Beautiful sunny skies and turns with friends are good no matter what.
Fun skiing girl!

Jamie said...

Wow, awesome!!! Incredible views. Enjoy!

Meghan said...

Yeah, what am I supposed to look at in this video? Leslie's not pointing at anything!

I'm such a terrible friend, aren't I? I hope you don't mind all the pointing jokes!

Hugs and this is byoooooooteefullll!

Jill said...

Yeah! Good news for me. Planning to come out Jan. 27-Feb. 5. Can't wait!

Anna said...

awesome leslie!!!! we were watchting the wc over the weekend and i couldn't believe how much snow there is already. THought about coming over for the womens race to join Maria.....but I'm writing my last 2 exams next week :(
BUT I'm counting days till new years... :)

Lily on the Road said...

great video, thanks for showing me that we as Canadian's live in a pretty vast and amazing country!

The vista's are breathtaking!

Sunshine Girl said...

Hi friends!

Great to hear from y'all as always and thanks for the good words! And Jill is coming to visit, Yaaay! Good news, indeed.