Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Interrupt This Programming catch up on real life! When I returned from California last Friday and drove back to Banff, I had something to be excited about! The lovely, Danni was coming for a weekend visit. We went for a ski on Saturday and a run on Sunday. I went back to work on Monday, a wee bit tired from my week of adventure. We had a great weekend, which she posted about here.

This week, I have taken it easy. I took 3 days off, cold-turkey-no-exercise and it felt right. Thursday I attempted a short walk/run up Tunnel and felt unbelievable tired, but I sure did enjoy getting out. After slow-slothlike-hurtin' effort, I decided to take another rest day yesterday. I needed it! I'm working a few extra shifts this weekend, to make up for my spontaneous play time. This morning, I woke up feeling great so I will venture outside for a run after work. Back in the saddle! Yiiiiiihaw!

But the exciting part is, I have 4 days of work left and then I am off to Australia with Norma for the Mind Alpine Sky Run! There is something to look forward to. It's all going to be a blur until then.

I hope to finish up my post on my trip to California in the next few days, so you'll have to wait for it!

Happy Trails,



goSonja said...

You're killing me here. You can't just go and leave us hanging like that. I guess we sortof know the outcome...

Australia, wowzer! How fun!

brendaontheRun said...

If I don't see you before you head to Oz, have a fab time; it's awesome out there! I should be running again by the time you get back :)

Leslie said...

Howdy Superstar Sonya! Yes, it's the EPIC post. The looooong saga. But it was so fun, I must share. Can't wait for OZ.

Why hello Brenda on the run!! What a nice surprise! How exciting that you are blogging!! Can't wait to see your vision of our pretty backyard and hear about some Brenda shenanigans. Heal up quick and you will be running before you know it. Hey, the other blogging Banffite, that guy Mike sure hasn't blogged in a looooong time. WHERE ARE YOU, MIKE???

Danni said...

Thanks again for being the Queen Banfassador hostes. You are going to have so much fun in Australia!!!