Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rundle Ramblings

I know! I know! I should be running. But Mount Rundle was flirting with me. She demanded I stop and take photographs. My new camera is pretty sweet.
Enjoy the view!
**Today's run: 3h30min. 3 hours of running and a half hour of photo taking!**

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Danni said...

Your sky is a funny color... I'm not familiar with such peculiar looking skies... :p

JeffO said...

By the looks of those photos, I'd say you're using the same kind of camera Sarah uses on hers?
I want one. What is it? Confess!

Backofpack said...

All beautiful. You are tempting us, aren't you?

Anna said...

Beautiful....I'm getting homesick!!!!

Sunshine Girl said...

It's blue baby, it's soooo blue. Day 7 of clear skys.

My camera IS the same one Sarah uses, for profoundly untalented photographers like me. It's called: National Park! It's a speciality product. Just point and shoot and it's always gorgeous.

Evan said...

Nice!! Sporting the yak trax and chilling at the lake. Not a bad day in my book.

Bob Walker said...


Can you send me an e-mail I have some questions for you.

Bob Walker
Canmore, AB

Great blog by the way!

rumon said...

Haven't visited in a while, Leslie (bad Carter) - great photes! Hope all's well. Aviva and I have signed up for TransAlpine and have our plane tickets - pumped!

Best from the west coast to the mountains,