Friday, December 5, 2008

Time Flys When....

Winter arrived this week, with some weirdness along the way. On Monday, it rained in Banff. Yep, rain in December! Then the rain turned to snow and it dropped about 15cm of the white stuff. The temperature plummeted in 24 hours to -19c. Then today, it warmed up to almost zero again! Like I said, Weirdness. Change is good though, even if it's in the weather form, it certainly keeps things interesting. Anyhow, enough babbling about weather weirdness, time flew by this week thanks to a visit from this girl:

The Divine Miss H, on her birthday!

We always love spending time with our friend Holly! Keith and Holly stayed busy with a few days of snowshoeing, skiing and running while I at work. We are looking forward to spending some more quality time with her this winter.

I have decided on a return visit to run the Diablo 50 Miler in April and I have convinced Holly and Keith that it would be a "fun" idea for them to run the marathon that is offered at this event. Yay!

Today, Keith and I drove out to Bow Summit to go ski touring with our old and dear friend Evan and I found myself ski touring with a group of 4 ski studs! Woohooo!Keith was extra stoked because it was his first day of the season! We were very surprised to find some great snow and got in some sweet turns. Look how happy I look:

Hope you all make your own "sweet turns" this weekend, no matter what you are doing.



Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

you're coming back! The Bay Area is starting to become your second home!

Leslie said...

Yup! It's an easy flight from Calgary. I loved Diablo last year and thought it merited a return visit. It's a tough course,with a great mix of scenery, singletrack and lots of big ups and downs. Good peeps, too. Just how I like them! I fully expect to see you there. Sign your skinny ass up for the 42k!!!

Deanna Stoppler said...

hey girl! i'm celebrating with you--i skied today for the first time in 5 years! i'm going to take up tele. i've been a downhill forever but it's time for a new challenge. i'm starting a new blog too. i'll let you know the link when it's up and running.

Meghan said...

Wait, what? Cali in April!? Yippee! Tell tell on the dates and I will put it on my calendar.

Er, wait, am I invited? I guess I should find out the answer to that question first. ;)

You look soooooo happy and I'm jealous you got to meet Danni and play with Holly!


holly said...

You guys are simply the best :)

See you in a week. Yay for winter sports!

Danni said...

Does that mean you're not going to WS Training Camp in May?

Leslie said...

Hey Deanna!
Yup, I've heard Tele is huuuuge in Vermont. It's hard work, that's for sure! I like to AT, so I can access the backcountry and descend with confidence of having alpine gear and skills (from many years of resort skiing!)

Either way, it's all good fun as long as you are getting out!!

Why Hello Ms. Meghan!
You have been M.I.A in Blog Land, with your lack of computer access this last few months! Yes, we are coming back and we are bringing Holly with us! We'll tag on a couple of days to come see ya in Yosemite for sure! Do you want to come run a marathon post Marathon des Sables?? Hugs, back.


Hi Danni!
That one is still in the planning stages, but are you going this year?