Monday, December 29, 2008

My New Touque

What do you think of the new touque? I love it! It was a Christmas Prezzie from Keith, along with a new Salomon Hydration pack.
I took them out for a test drive this past weekend. On Saturday, I had a great solo long run and enjoyed every minute of it. It's been awhile since I've gone that long and it felt great! You know how you have some days where you feel like you are flying? I was out for 3h 45min and finished the run with a jaunt up Tunnel Mountain. The whole run was in the snow and on trail and I felt like a stud. The trail was perfect compact snow on this day, nice and grippy and F-U-N!!
The next day, was a whole different story. We awoke to a surprise snow fall of about a foot and Keith and I decided we would to the backdoor tour, up Sulphur Mountain. It took us a lot longer than usually, but it was the perfect activity for a snowy day. We walked the uphill and ran the downhill and it was a whole lotta' work!

Keith, nearing the summit!


Out the back door!! Middle Springs and Mount Rundle on a snowy day...


Danni said...

Love the hat and I know just what you mean about the perfect speedy run. That's fabuulous!!!

When is the May race you're doing in CA? Trying to plot a R2R scheme. ;)

Bryon Powell said...

Damn these Canadian words. I read your post as "My New Tongue." I thought you got your tongue pierced or something for the new year.

gosonja said...

Very fashionable hat, I dig it. I too was confused about the tongue...took me a second, but I got it.

That run in the deep snow looks gnarly. Nice job, looks like you were having fun.

Your "backyard view" makes me salivate. So gorgeous!!

Sarah Elaine said...

Groovy toque! It suits you!

Happy new year!

JeffO said...

Nice hat, and nothing beats Salomon hydration packs!
Looks like lots of fun.

HappyTrails said...

Love the touque - the colors are fun!
What brand is it??? I might need to look for one!

Paul Charteris said...

I am with trail goat. I spent the entire article looking for this new tongue thing - I could not find it. I ended up assuming it was something your attached to shoes in the snow. What a terrible Canadian I would make.

Happy new year! Cheers, Paul

Journey to a Centum said...

Great Hat!

Your run looks an awful lot like the one I anticipate tomorrow. Time to hit the hay for a fun day!

Happy New Year!

Backofpack said...

Your new toque is stunning, you are a trail diva in the making!

We have about one inch of snow at the moment - I expect it will be washed away by rain this afternoon. Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

I happened to be googling something on Banff, and I came accross your blog.
How the heck are you?
email me at
Darrin Hopkins

Leslie said...


The TOQUE is an "SOS", great for sweaty sports! Michelle, I am Trail Trash so more trashy than DIVA-esque!

DJ! My favorite-ex! How the heck are you?! I will most certainly drop you a note.

Happy New Year and Happy Trails...


Anonymous said...

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