Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Off to Running Camp....erp. I mean, The TransRockies Run!!

Let the adventures begin- I am off to TransRockies 2008 edition and am leaving on my roadtrip tomorrow after work. Wooohoo!

I have told my partner Meghan to think of our little adventure in the Colorado Rockies as if we are going to "running camp". We are going to go for little runny-runs every day, eat a lot of food, get some massages and spend a lot of time sleeping in our tent. It's running camp!!! I can't wait! And of course, I am very excited to be meeting up with Meghan for this little adventure.

Keith and I are driving from Banff to Yellowstone and then from Yellowstone to Colorado. Should be shits and giggles! My honey is going to be on volunteer duty, helping the official race photographer (our buddy Dan) and will be out on course every day! My own personal cheering squad. Love it.

Here are some pictures from last years 2007 run, all taken by my super-duper partner Steven Miller. Have a great week!

Day 1 - Sufferage at Altitude: Leslie is one hurtin' unit.

Frosty Morning outside of Leadville.

High altitude climbing - woooohoo!

Hot fall weather.

Cold fall weather. Multi-talenented slacker in Action.

My hot butt.

Hot Steve. Hot Day. Hot Damn.

OMG. We are sooooo Done.


Meghan said...

Eeeeep! See you two in two days! I can hardly await this adventure.

Travel safely,

Leslie's Keith said...

estimated time of lift off.......0:00 minus 2hrs:43minutes!


CoyoteGirl said...

Yeehaw! Good luck! Post when you are back.

ps - looove last year's pics. Too cute!

Backofpack said...

Have fun! Have FUN! HAVE FUN!!!!

holly said...

Go Leslie! I can't wait for the storytelling when you return.

Stuart said...

Good luck some friends of mine are running it also, they're the east coast and mid west but like me they're flatlanders, I'm looking forward to the reports. What an advnture it's going to be!

Journey to a Centum said...

I'm sure this will be an incredible experience! Good luck to Team Trail Trash! Bring home some prize money eh!

Keith - Try to keep those women under control!

Safe Travels to you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Leslie!!!
Can't wait to hear all about the race!!

Anonymous said...

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