Monday, July 28, 2008

Why Do They Call it Fastpacking??

Why do they call it "fastpacking" when it is so slow??

This weekend, a change of pace.....3 lovely days of backpacking with Keith, Anna and Stew. I enjoyed some quality time in the woods with a few of my favorite people. The starting point was just a twenty minute drive from our house here in Banff.

As for the question, some more thoughts on backpacking/fastpacking in a post in the near future! But for now, some great photos to share! We will let the photos tell the story.

Day 1 Sunshine Village Parking Lot to Egypt Lake Campground 12-13km

The sprawling meadows of Healy Pass. This year the flowers are really late! They still haven't peaked yet for primo flower viewing. Still another week, or even two.

Keith pointing to all of the cool spots where we like to go ski touring in winter.

Descending from Healy Pass with Egypt Lake and Scarab Lake in the distance.

Everyone loves Anna Collins!!

Day 2 Egypt Lake to Ball Pass Junction plus a trip toBall Pass 14-15km

Rise and Shine Princess!!
Climbing up to Whistling Pass

The Guardian of Whistling Pass

Descending from Whistling Pass

Postcard Perfect - Haiduk Lake

Ball Pass

After hours battles Us Vs. The Mosquitoes

Day 3 Ball Pass Junction to Shadow Lake, Gibbon Pass toTwin Lakes, Arnica Lake, Vista Lake to Highway 93

"There's a Storm a Brewing"

We Are Not Alone.

Shadow Lake

Climbing to Gibbon Pass

Gibbon Pass

My Kick Ass Fu-Manchu

British Girl

My honey and I. Lower Twin Lake

ABL - Another Bloody Lake
Vista Lake

3 Day Old Sweaty Stinky Hikers With Frosty Mugs!!


Mark Tanaka (Ultrailnakaman) said...

Hey, thats another six-word memoir (I also like the one you commented on my blog).

These photos blow me away, so gorgeous up there. I can't wait until my kids are old enough so we can hit them.

Mike said...

I just hope that you didn't get passed by a bunch of happy smarty-pants runners who were doing the same trip both ways in one day and planning on sleeping in their own beds after a 2 hour soak in the hot tub and a couple of frosty ones. Man that would have been annoying...

Meghan said...

Aw man, freaking cool griz print. What, was it there like minutes before you? Seriously fresh mud there. Might have sent a chill or two down my spine just looking at the photo...

Awesome weekend and hilarious good morning shot. I get to take good morning photos of you in just 4 weeks, toots! Tee hee! And, we'll be wearing matching jackets, just in different colors.


Leslie's Keith said...

Hey Mike...funny you should say that...I seem to remember sitting out a thunderstorm in the tent...with Leslie's comment being..."this backpacking stuff is stupid...we could just happily run this trail both ways in a day, then sit in the hot tub, enjoy a few beers, and sleep in our own comfy beds"....why don't the two of you just go run up 5 mountains in a day or something, and leave us slower creatures to bond with the Hoary Marmots or something! :)



Phil said...

Familiar pics...Lots of traffic on this route this weekend...Bob and I ran via Healey Pass to do the Whistling Pass, Shadow Lk Lodge, Pharaoh Creek loop and returned back to Sunshine where we proceeded to immediately raid the Pepsi machine with quarters I found under my seat- We totally underestimated the distance thinking we were just out for 4hrs or so...I blame it all on Bob - Great run regardeless!

Sandra said...

Wow, Hugeeee foot print ... hope you didn't run into him/her/ Bigfoot. Great photos :o)

Leslie said...

Hiya Mark!

You're my favorite Over-Achieving, Daddy-Doctor, Ultra-running Asian Fast Boy with a Wicked Sense of Humor in Blogland!! But that's waaaay longer than 6 words and hey-I don't even know ya, so what do I know??

I remember bitching and complaining when my folks used to drag me out for walks when I was a tyke. But now, I'm sure glad they did!!

Ha! Mike-
Evidently, that was Phil. Except he is into soda pops these days.

Keith My Honey-
I've got some more fantastic quotes where that came from!!

Silly boy! That's a huuuuge run. Of course, I am envious.

Hi Meghan,
You have a matching puffy?? WOW-you really are the younger, faster version of me!!
Knock 'em out this weekend, have fun and good thoughts your way!!

I think this guy could have kicked Bigfoots' Ass.

Deanna Stoppler said...

Hey girl,

Love the ending to your backpacking trip. Isn't beer awesome? I may be coming to Canada in August. Not sure yet. Maybe we will run into each other! Ha, ha, I'm so funny . . . run . . . get it.

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