Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer is Here!

Remember, just a few months back when all of my photos of Lake Minnewanka looked like this?
Or how about this?
Now it looks like this:
Yay for summer time! It is officially summer in the Rockies. The visitors have arrived, the water is high, the lakes have melted and it is time to go get out there and have a closer look at all of the amazing places that the backcountry of Banff, Kootenay, Yoho and Jasper National Parks have to offer.
This was our lunch spot today - aaaaaaah!
Steve and I enjoyed an 11km out and back on the Lake Minnewanka Shoreline trail for my Friday run and it was sunny and lovely. A cruisy 22km in 3 hours. We had a relaxing run in the sun. The past few weeks there has been a "warning" for bear activity on the trail because some random Grizzly Bear decided to peek into some random campers' tent!! Can You Imagine? You're just having your afternoon siesta in the tent, when a large head looks in through your vestibule!?! I think he was one of those "Peeping Grizzlies". Dirty Bear.

I am a big believer in Cold Water Therapy, so after a run I like to submerse the legs. It allows me to get up and run the next day! Speaking of which.....I've got to run. We are finally venturing further into the backcountry today and doing 37 or 39km (can't remember) point to point. Woohoo!

More inappropriate behaviour in a skirt.....

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