Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evening Run with Rockstar

My husband is a rockstar.

I love my honey. He has always been fit, and he is just a little dude, but for some reason, his body likes to hold a little extra love. That's O.K with me! But, in the last 3 months he has dropped almost 20 pounds and all of a sudden, he is fast. With me training for the Ultra distances, one thing that has happenned is I seem to have lost my speed! I am slow. So it's perfect. I got slower. He got faster. Now we can run together!!

Many photos of our evening run and Keith's arse:

I made him stop to take a photo of me. He doesn't like to lose momentum. He reluctantly stopped. Thanks, Keith! I needed a breather.


sw said...

LOL that's toooo cute! Love your blog much.

Leslie's Keith said...

Wow...she must really love me! Note to all of you...she may say I'm fast...but it's her that's running ahead, behind, and back and forth to take all the pictures...(We call those 'dog laps'....)

Another note to all of you...

Thanks so much for always commenting, supporting, and keeping in touch with's what keeps her smiling on her runs!

Love to all of you, and hope to meet a bunch of you running here in banff some day!


Meghan said...

Oh how very darling the two of you are. I just want to squoze you both.

Leslie- That's what my dog does, runs laps around me while I plod along. Hah!

Keith- Oh the hubby speaks! How adorable are you! And I'm sure you are just being obscenely modest. I have to ask, how do you feel about wifey posting backside photos of you all over the internet? Hah! :)

Backofpack said...

I've gotten a little faster, but Eric hasn't slowed down at all. However, he was sweet enough to run a lap of the lake with me when we were back home visiting the parents. All I have to do is make sure he wears himself out the day before...

Lovely pictures! (The scenery I mean!)