Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yiiiiiihaw, it's Miwok time!!

Hi friends....and greetings from San Francisco! I am definitely not in Banff any more!!! Living in the bubble that is Banff, going to a city the size of San Fran is certainly sensory overload - in a good way. I am staying in Little Saigon and just finished feasting on a Vietnamese pancake the size of my head. and basil and fish sauce and pork and shrimp....ah! The tastes of the city. It is cool to pass through the chaos and mahem and just observe all that is different from my life. People watching is my favorite city sport! But I won't have much time to play tourist - so for now, I will just enjoy my taste of a different world for a few days....and try and get some sleep before the big event on Saturday. Can you say "excited??!?" I think I am going to get the "ultimate" tour....possibly a tour that even some of the locals have never seen? It imagine it would be easy to get sucked in to San Fran city life and not even get across the bridge to explore all that great green space on the other side. I don't know this city, but it is certainly one of the things I appreciate about it - lots of accessible green space to explore within just a few miles of the city. Anyhow, I thought I would drop a quick post and say:

Yiiiiiiiiiihaw! It's Miwok time!

Let the adventure begin!


King Arthur said...

Good luck down there in the golden state.

Journey to a Centum said...

Don't get "tourist leg" from your visit to the city! I hope you get the chance to meet Donald when you are at Miwok. I'm sure you two would enjoy each others company. He will be waaay out front at Miwok so perhaps you can run together.


Trail Scat

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey, don't know if you can help but Gretchen is looking for a ride at Miwok. Do you have a crew that might be able to help her out?

Backofpack said...

Oh, you're gonna have sooooo much fun! Good luck!

Leslie said...

Thanks Arthur, Trail Scat and Michelle! I should have a trail report up the next few days with pictures!