Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Love Keith!

My hubby is the best! He just is - he is everything a partner should be: FUN, caring, supportive, kind, flexible, generous, giving, happy, carefree, spontaneous and most of all, loving! The man has got a LOT of love to give. Fortunately for me, he loves me the mostest of all-est. He shares his generosity of spirit and his enthusiasm for living with me, with friends and family and frequently, with complete strangers. He thinks all people are friends until proven otherwise and he doesn't like to say a bad thing about anyone or anything. He is truly, the nicest guy in the world. And I love that. I love Keith!!

Keith and Leslie at the Demolition Derby - yiiiiihaw!

So last Thursday I come home maybe a little tired and worn out after a long day and my honey is down in the basement and he says "Come on down!" He is standing at the bottom of the stairs with a beautiful shiny new bicycle and he says "I got it for you because I love you!"

I love Keith!

Today, I had to squeeze in my run in the morning and I knew I would be pressed for time to get to work. When I got home after my sweet run (see photo for todays run) he says "I ran out and got eggs and made breakfast because I knew you would be hungry!" Surprise! In the oven, Huevos Rancheros....mmm-mmmmm! A post-run feast! I love Keith!

My Pretty Run!

Another random reason that I love Keith - he brought Norman the dog into my life! Norman and Keith were a package deal. I have enjoyed both of them for twelve years and now Norm is fifteen years old. I love this dog so much. Who knew I could love a doggie so much? When I come home from work, this is what greets me daily:

I LOVE KEITH!!! (and Norman, too.)


Anonymous said...

So i finally got around reading the whole blog!!!! ;-)

Seeing all those pictures just makes me wanna go to the airport and come over RIGHT AWAY!!! ;-)

Miss u guys!!
Will try again calling during the week once your lovely hubby is back from Skoki....well i actually hope he is taking you too!!!

bit hugs out of switzerland

p.s.: IT IS SNOWING!!!!

Deanna Stoppler said...

Ahhhhh! Norman . . . what a sweet, old dog. Well, so is Keith, but Norman is SO CUTE! Thanks, you brightened my day.

Good luck on your 50 sister!

P.S. I'm forwarding this post to my "hubby" (he will be eventually), Dave, he'll love it.

Leslie said...

Why hello to the lovely Anna of Germany and sometimes Switzerland.

Hope all is well chez-vous! Go enjoy the Alps instead while you are pining for the Rockies!!

Hugs from Leslie

Leslie said...

Hi Deanna!

Norm is irreplaceable. He is in fact the best dog in the world. He has been low maintenance for 12 years, he demands nothing, lays around and has lots of love to give.
In his day, he was the speediest doggie in the doggie park and always enjoyed long days of adventure, too!!
Despite his level of activity, he has never demanded walks or anything, and has always been gentle and mellow. Even when he was young, we called him "the rug" because he just wanted to lie around.

I love Norman!