Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shadow Lake Lodge Run

After last weeks sweet and successfull run to Skoki, I was motivated to try and find some more scenic snowmobile packed trails into the backcountry! I thought I would give the Red Earth Creek Trail a try, as the nice folks at Shadow Lake Lodge use it as their access trail.

And it was grrrrrreat! The views aren't great and it climbs for the first 6km or so....but as you get higher, the views start to open up. When I was up a month ago, we didn't get to many clear days. I had forgotten how impressive a mountain Mount Ball a gorgeous, giant, VERY impressive chunk of rock! I stopped and had a visit with Alison Brewster and Kat the Kiwi at the lodge (thank-you for the cookies!) before heading back the same way. Another awesome day - 26km round trip, slow moving on the snow....4hours with my cookie break. Met lots of skiiers who thought I needed my head examined until they told me it took 5 hours to ski-in and it took me 2 hours to run in! Ha! Don't get all self righteous on me ya nordic geeks!!

Closing in on Mount Ball....


C'est tres impressive le Mont Ball, n'est pas??

Mount Rundle

(took this from the side of the highway, just driving home from the trailhead!)

Keith and Michelle in Action!

But wait! The days not over yet! After the run, I went for a spin for an hour with my honey Keith (I love Keith!) and my friend Michelle. They have been training up a storm in preparation for Michelles first half Ironman and helping keep each other motivated. Isn't that awesome? It's so much easier when you have friends to be accountable to and getcha' MOTIVATED. Of course, the biggest bonus's usually way more fun! We have had lots of quality time in our garage together!

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