Friday, February 15, 2008

Orcas Island or Bust!

This weekend we have the whirlwind trip to the Gulf Islands in Washington! Woohooo! We have to drive to Calgary (1.5 hours) fly to Vancouver (1 hour 15) rent a car from the airport, drive to Anacortes (1.5 hours) and hop on the ferry to Orcas Island (1 hour) Easy peazy!! Then we are going to have a great nights sleep, get up and run 50k on trails! Doesn't that sound fun?!?


holly said...

Go Leslie go! Hope you don't see anyone doing plough pose in the nude while you're out there.

Journey to a Centum said...

Thanks for chicking me at the end of the race! Look forward to your race report. Good seeing you again!

David Mora said...


I didn't realize that trail running caused a hangover. Always a pleasure to make friends with our neighbors to the north.

David Mora

Leslie said...

Hi Holly! No we didn't go to the Doe Bay Resort this year....that is where all of the naked people "hang". And really, when do you ever get to see a naked guy doing yoga? Last year it was the highlight of my trip!!

Leslie said...

I love the expression "chicked". It makes me laugh. It was great to see you again and meet your chicky, too. There's a lotta' love there I can tell! I also love the Pacific North West - good people, I can tell!

Leslie said...

Hiya David! Someone had to drink the keg. And it was yummy organic Fish Tale. You guys have good beer, eh??


Journey to a Centum said...


Thanks for your comments over at my blog, your wit and sunny disposition are always a joy to be around. That was before you finished off the Fish Tail Ale! My quads are trash, how are yours?

Hey, since you are into the tourist trade in the Banff area I have some questions for you. My chicky and I had intended to stay at the Lake Louise Chateau after the Death Race until I discovered the prices up around $430/night for the "slum" rooms. Ended up at Paradise Lodge in a Bungalow. Is this a good thing?

If you want you could email your answer to or just leave a comment on my blog. Thank you.


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