Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Ho-Ho!

I love the holidays, but I always aim to keep it low-key. I see people getting stressed out, depressed, and over-extended financially this time of year. The past few years, we have mostly done away with the prezzies. The only important thing we do is have my mom over for a few days to spoil her!

My favorite things about the holidays: I enjoy gathering and celebrating, giving and sharing, eating, giving thanks, a phone call to family and friends, a snuggle with my husband and hugs from friends and family.

I also enjoyed a Christmas Eve run and a Christmas Day run to a couple of great viewpoints overlooking my town. I always enjoy a little time alone to appreciate. While Christmas is just another day for me, I always enjoy it and it makes me appreciate how great a life I have.

Merry Christmas

Hangin' with my Mom

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